You’ve Come a Long Way Baby — 1,000 Days of KakaoTalk

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Three days ago, December 11th marked the 1,000th day since the launch of Korean-made chat app KakaoTalk. To celebrate that feat, the chat app published an infographic about its newest stats earlier today.

KakaoTalk now has a team of 280 people, an increase from a team of 14 just three years ago. Its 70 million users spend an average of 302 minutes on KakaoTalk, a huge increase compared to back in July, when it was just 175 minutes. This surge might have been caused by the chat app’s new hit gaming platform which was launched in July.

There are 27 million daily unique visitors in its apps, sending 4.2 billion messages every day. It is interesting to note that according to AppAnnie, KakaoTalk’s position in Japan’s iOS free app section has jumped 102 spots to number five recently. That’s Line’s territory, of course, so it will be very interesting to see how it fares there. Check out Kakao’s infographic below:

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