INDOMOG Aims to Solve Indonesia’s Online Payment Woes



Payment gateways have always been a curse for the Indonesia online ecosystem. We spoke with Wendy Vega, the founder and owner of INDOMOG which has done exceptionally well in terms of revenue, and it has also won the top award from GEPI, the Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia [1].

1. Can you briefly tell us what INDOMOG is?

INDOMOG is an abbreviation for Indonesia Multionline Payment Gateway. We are an online payment system which connects merchants to customers.

2. INDOMOG is the big especially for online games payments. Are you guys focusing on online games intentionally?

That is actually one of our strategies; to incorporate INDOMOG as an online payment gateway for the Indonesia’s videogame industry, because this industry is the easiest to educate. Online game users are used to computer technology and online shopping, so it’s easier to initially introduce INDOMOG to the videogame industry, as opposed to some other industries. Our next move is to implement INDOMOG as a payment gateway in all of Indonesia’s online industries.

3. Can you give us some stats or milestones for INDOMOG’s operations so far?

INDOMOG has around 350,000 users, 90 merchants, and over 30,000 distribution channels.

4. What’s the main reason behind INDOMOG’s successes so far?

INDOMOG is a pioneer for payment gateway in Indonesia. It’s easy to use, and already connected to major banks. We also have very vast distribution channels.

Zynga provided around 30 percent of INDOMOG’s total revenue. Just from Zynga alone, every month we can sell up to $500,000.

6. How many employees do you have? Are you hiring?

We have 72 staff, and yes, we’re still hiring.

7. What is your plan for 2012?

Our plan for 2012 is simple: we’re going to increase our revenue, users, merchants and distribution channels up to 100 percent.

8. Is there any plan to expand to e-commerce sites/start-ups?

Yes, we’re already connected to a lot of start-ups such as Nusantara Online, Football Saga, and also Indonesia’s own e-book application, Wayang Force.





  1. You may recall that Eric Schmidt made an appearance at GEPI this past year.  ↩

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