How big is Line in Taiwan? Big enough to have its own museum exhibit

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Indonesian shoppers gather around Line’s “pop-up store” at Mall Kelapa Gading in Jakarta

In most markets, Japan-based messaging service Line is but one mobile chat app among many others, all of whom are competing for eyeballs in South America, India, and Indonesia.

But in Taiwan, Line has become something of a cultural phenomenon. Brown, Moon, Cony, can be spotted dangling on keychains, sketched onto cafe walls, and pasted onto scooter helmets.

So perhaps it ought not to come as a surprise that the company’s first-ever large-scale exhibit will be held in Taipei starting on January 25, according to Techbang. Yesterday the Taiwan branch of Line Corp held a press conference for domestic media announcing Line Friends, a three-month long museum exhibition that will take place at the National Taiwan Science Education Center, a family museum located in the city’s Shilin District.

According to Techbang, the exhibit will be divided into four themed sections. One section will feature in-depth examinations of the creative process behind its flagship characters. Another will display over 70 prototypes of Line stickers and graphics. A third section will offer up a collection of Line-themed art pieces. And then, of course, there’ll be a special part of the exhibit where guests can meet Brown, Cony, and other Line characters in person.

Tickets go on sale today in Taiwan for NT$160 (about $5.50) via 7-11 ibon machines.

The exhibit’s target demographic looks to be families rather than tech bloggers in their twenties, but we’ll still make sure to check it out.

With 17 million registered users on the app, Taiwan is currently Line’s third-biggest market, sitting behind Thailand at 20 million and Japan at 49 million. But with a population of 23 million, that means the app’s penetration throughout the island is perhaps greater than that of its other two strongholds. Late last month the company announced it would be increasing the size of its Taiwan office by “five to 10 times.”

Line currently claims to have 300 million registered users worldwide.

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