Asiasoft brings Strife to 6 Southeast Asian countries


After Chaos Online, Asiasoft now aims to bring another MOBA game to six Southeast Asian countries. S2 Games’ Strife will be coming to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines after making its successful debut at PAX Prime in Seattle this August.

The company S2 Games may ring some bells for many gamers. It is the same company that created Heroes of Newerth (HoN), once considered one of the top three MOBA games alongside League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

Strife: not just another MOBA game

Strife offers several features other MOBA games don’t. The game pays attention to the concept of team play and communication. To solve most in-team problems, Strife has developed its own collaborative gameplay design, which eliminates having to battle for resources within the team and arguing over who takes what role. In the process, the game also eliminates sacrificial roles so players can enjoy playing their part in the team each game. There are also social and communicative systems that help players interact and collaborate with one another.

In terms of gameplay, Strife aims to evolve the genre by allowing customizable progression complemented by crafted items and in-game pets. Each hero also has their own lore or back story, so players can have an improved and more creative experience each game.

Introducing Strife with the Southeast Asia road tour

In order to promote Strife in SEA, S2 Games will go on a Southeast Asia road tour to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand throughout October. They will hold various events that will introduce Strife not only to the gamers, but also to the media, cyber café management companies, and other gaming communities. The tour will start at Singapore’s Campus Game Fest on October 4 and 6 and will conclude in Bangkok, Thailand at Asiasoft’s PlayPark FanFest Event on October 26 and 27. This will mark the first time that Strife will be playable outside of the United States.

According to Asiasoft chairman Sherman Tan:

S2 Games has developed Strife to be a highly accessible and collaborative multiplayer game without sacrificing the competitive aspect found in the MOBA genre. On behalf of Asiasoft, we are delighted to be S2 Games’ Operations Partner in Southeast Asian countries, and we are looking forward to bring Strife to our audience.

Marc DeForest, Chief Executive Officer of S2 Games also adds:

Our philosophy at S2 Games for Strife is to create a MOBA utilizing clean sheet design that will appeal to a mainstream audience. We have high expectations for this title, and we needed an experienced, proven leader in Southeast Asia to achieve those goal. We are confident that partnering with Asiasoft will propel Strife to a massive audience.

As Strife enters SEA, it will be competing with existing MOBA games such as Valve’s DOTA 2 and Riot’s LoL. As one of the many companies that have jumped into the MOBA industry, it would be interesting to see if Strife’s unique features can make it stand out from the crowd.

Strife is scheduled to enter beta in the fourth quarter of 2013 before its full release in early 2014. For more information, head to the Strife official website or follow the Strife SEA Facebook page.

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