Youjia App Makes Hooking Up Even More Fun

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Pretty babes work best.

We have reviewed several apps that help you hook up with new friends of the opposite sex. But Youjia has so far been the one that I’m most impressed with. It’s simple to use and highly sticky.

Shanghai-based startup, Youjia, helps you find friends who are near your location. It makes sense to meet friends who are within five kilometers of your usual hangout area. Any user can chat with any other user. There isn’t any annoying hurdle, like credit card details, to prevent you from chatting with anyone. That’s the beauty of the app.

The thing that makes the app sticky is the content, or rather the pictures, that users uploaded themselves. Youjia also sends you notifications on folks who have checked out your profile. And if you find the other party attractive, you can reach out to them to have a conversation. This feature makes the app stand out from the rest. It makes the whole community more open and liberal, a culture that breeds more conversations and meet ups.

Youjia’s business model is straight forward, focusing on virtual goods. $0.99 can fetch you 10,000 credits. For folks who don’t wish to pay, you can check-in each day to get 600 credits at no cost. A virtual iPhone costs 5,000 credits while an emerald ring costs about 10,000 credits.

Youjia was launched about two and a half months ago. And according to Ming Liang, the co-founder of Youjia, the app has been downloaded more than 400,000 times since then, with more than 40 percent being active users. I also learned that Youjia has also recently raised $3 million from a Taiwanese investor.

Most of the users are from China but there are also (surprisingly) quite a lot from Singapore, about 4,000 of according to Ming Liang.

You are interested to find more friends around your location, you can give Youjia a try here (iTunes link).

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