Xiaomi’s Single’s Day flash sale shatters records as the company sells over 200,000 smartphones in under 3 minutes



Xiaomi held its latest flash sale today as part of Singles Day, one of China’s major shopping spree days, and to no one’s surprise, the company cleaned up.

At 12:30 AM on November 11, Xiaomi put a total of 380,000 devices up for sale on its flagship Tmall page: 110,000 Mi3 smartphones, 110,000 Hongmi smartphones, 110,000 2s smartphones, and 50,000 set top boxes.

Within the next three minutes, all 110,000 Mi3 and Hongmi devices were snatched up. In that time, the company brought in over RMB 107 million ($17.5 million) in sales revenue.

According to Xiaomi, this makes it the first company on Tmall to break the RMB 100 million ($16.4 million) benchmark. Moreover, Xiaomi notes that last year the company that passed this benchmark did so only in the afternoon, making the feat all the more astounding.

By 1:01 a.m., just thirty minutes later, Xiaomi passed the RMB 300 million ($49.2 million) benchmark in sales.

Xiaomi’s recent flash sales have been just as successful. In October the company sold out of 100,000 units of its just-launched Mi3 smartphones in 86 seconds, while its set-top boxes were gone in one minute and 58 seconds. Meanwhile, last week the company sold 100,000 WDCMA Hongmi devices in just over four minutes.

If you’re keeping tabs on Singles Day madness: Alibaba’s Tmall recorded sales revenues of $500 million within its the day’s first twenty minutes, and its Taobao mobile app brought in $100 million in sales in under an hour.

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