What’s happening at Asiasoft's PlayPark FanFest


You know you’ve made it big when you can actually host your own gaming con. The PlayPark FanFest, held in Thailand the weekend after next, October 26 and October 27 2013, is a celebration of Asiasoft’s games, and also the ending point for Strife’s Southeast Asian tour.

Located in MCC, The Mall in Bang Kapi district, Bangkok, the PlayPark FanFest (PPFF) has a whole bunch of stuff happening. Its official website is in Thai but we’ve listed out what’s happening for any of you thinking of heading down. Bangkok’s great for a weekend getaway anyway!

PPFF will exhibit various Asiasoft games on top of their newest acquisition, S2 Games’ Strife. The games that will be available are DC Universe Online, Yulgang 2 (it looks like they got the publishing license for Thailand. Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines are under Cubizone’s watch), Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, and something called The Exorcist, which appears to be a Thai MMORPG. Visitors will also be treated to a preview of one of the Ragnarok Online mobile games, though the game’s full title is not specified.

Gigabyte, the primary sponsor for PPFF, will be hosting eSports tournaments for Dragon’s Nest, Cabal Online, Grenado Espada, Ragnarok Online, Audition SEA, Lost Saga 2 and Yulgang 2.

Of course, no gaming convention is complete without a cosplay competition. Asiasoft’s cosplay competition is only open to cosplayers who come dressed as a character from one of its published games. There’s a top prize of 100,000 Thai baht, which is about $3,200 or nearly S$4,000.

The PlayPark FanFest is definitely something an Asiasoft or an MMORPG fan should not miss, and if you happen to be planning a holiday sometime soon, why not make it part of your itinerary?

Thai-literate folk can read up more here.

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