What does your favorite cybercafe game say about you?


If you’re a frequent cybercafe-goer, there’s probably a game that people associate you with. But have you ever wondered what your favorite game says about you? Take a look at this list and find out.

Warcraft III (WC3) Dota


You’re not fond of change, and prefer to stick to whatever’s been around or whatever you are used to. You sometimes hear people trying to convince you to switch to Dota 2 or LoL, but for you, nothing beats the original. After all, WC3 Dota started this whole MOBA craze, right? So no matter what people say, you firmly believe that WC3 Dota isn’t going anywhere. If you’re from the Philippines, chances are, you’re no stranger to betting matches held over LAN. The masters of this know how to make the crispiest trash talk fall on deaf ears.

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Dota 2/LoL


You’re culturally sensitized, since you’ve met practically everyone from the region in-game. You’ve learned foreign words and expressions based solely on what your teammates say. The Singaporeans always add a “la” at the end of their sentences and for some reason talk in English and Chinese and other words you can’t understand. The Pinoys have a distinct set of words they use such as “tangina” and “bobo”. The Malaysians like yelling “sohai”. And the Russians are everywhere, even on the Southeast Asia server (no one is safe). There are times when people think you’re racist, but you like to think it’s just banking on experience.

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You’re more open to changes and in fact welcome it with excitement. Change can either be easy or difficult to cope with (or screw with the pub meta game altogether but that’s what keeps life from being boring). You like trying different things, but don’t really like to stray so far from what you’re used to. This realm is your comfort zone where everything feels familiar, but no two games are the same.



You’re loud, but then you have to be if you want to be heard over the din of a cyber cafe. You’re also fast, because you have to be. You like things to be quick, instant if possible. The idea of having to farm or grind for a long time before you can actually duke it out isn’t attractive to you. You also don’t like long games or, heaven forbid, a game that doesn’t end. You want action and you want it now.

Left 4 Dead


You like working in a team, and using your smarts rather than sheer strength to overcome an obstacle. An obvious team player, you’re also familiar with sacrifice, and occasionally play the lamb so as to allow your friends to complete a stage. You like beating zombie heads in. You could also be a girl.

Assault Fire


You enjoy climbing up the ranks, getting leverage from being more experienced, intimidating your opponents, and have access to a huge arsenal. You enjoy working hard and reaping rewards, and savor achievements vicariously through the game. The battlefield is bliss, until the lag kicks in.

Any open-world MMORPG


You are a very patient person who can grind for days and nights. Either that, or you’re grinding to escape a much harsher reality. Contrary to what people think, you do have a social life. It’s just in the game. You get so used to staying in the game that sometimes you just log in for no reason. Sometimes you meet up with your guildies in real life, and then sit down at a cybercafe to play together. Things can get a bit boring, but hey, for someone who ground it out for that 0.03172% drop-rate item in Ragnarok Online, that’s not really an issue.

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Any action MMORPG


You like fast-paced things that keep you occupied and are more of a person of action than of thought. You prefer seeing the fruits of your labor as soon as possible. You’re able to deal with routines or sequences, but you prefer to have small alterations here and there to keep things interesting. Your attention to detail is more visual than numerical or even logical. This isn’t to say that you don’t appreciate the small logical bits, of course. You just don’t like things revolving around them too much.

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Audition Dance Battle


You have a thing for colorful, catchy, and cute things. You like the idea of dolling up with things ranging from school uniforms and platform boots to devil horns and three pairs of wings. You are also probably more sociable than you think you are. Your online relationships are more serious than in other games, since the marriage function creates a very high sense of commitment very quickly.

”That new game that came out”


You’re not sure what you want so you keep on trying everything—only to drop it once something else interesting comes along. You get bored easily, probably because you hate the idea of sticking to one thing for a long time or because you haven’t found “the one” yet. You have accounts everywhere and you have a dedicated e-mail address that you use for every new game that comes out. You sometimes sell your account or give away your inventory items because they hold no sentimental value for you. You lead a sad life, but don’t give up—you’ll find your one true game in due time.

Facebook games


You’re scoffed at a lot, whether to your face or behind your back. Who goes to cyber cafes to use Facebook? But what your bullies don’t know is that you have a very active gaming presence there. You have a ton of friends who give you gifts and help you out every day. Sometimes, they even lend you a hand in battle. When your birthday rolls around, you also benefit from receiving real birthday greetings, on your wall! Too bad you don’t know who they are.

Have you found yourself in this list or have we missed anything? What’s your favorite cybercafe game? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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