Backed by DMP, WearYouWant Aims to Ride on Thailand’s E-Commerce Growth



Thailand’s WearYouWant is a B2B2C fashion e-commerce site. That means, it helps other retailers to feature and sell their products to consumers online. It was founded in October 2011 by Julien Chalté and Martin Toft Sørensen, when both founders saw that Thailand would eventually need an online platform for shops to sell things online, particularly in the fashion sector. Chalté told me:

The Thai people are getting more and more educated in the use of new technologies. We felt an increasing demand for finding a larger variety of products online, so bringing end-users from all over Thailand in touch with the “Fashion Mecca” provided in Bangkok became a necessity.

(Update: WearYouWant is also backed by Asia Venture Group, founded by German Serial Entrepreneur Tim Marbach). WearYouWant generates revenue from two sources. First, by charging a signup fee from retailers to put their products online and providing services including professional product photos with models, online inventory management, customer service, and also a payment system. Second, WearYouWant also charges a commission for every item sold.

In Thailand, Sanook’s and Rakuten’s are also in the B2B2C e-commerce space, though both sites sell a broader range of stuff and not just fashion items. Both sites are apparently pretty popular in Thailand too. When asked about competition from the big boys, Chalté remarked:

Anyone selling the same brands or fashion products in general will be considered as our competitor. However, both Sabuy and Tarad have a more Amazon appearance with a broad offer, where we target only one segment, which is fashion. We strongly believe that people who are looking for fashion will prefer a merchant which is dedicated to it. By having around 800 different brands and more than 20,000 different items in catalog, no doubt that we have a richer choice and a more fashion-centered approach than any Amazon-like platform.

Similar to many other B2B2C e-commerce sites including Tmall,, and, WearYouWant also follows the drop shipping supply chain model. By adopting drop shipping, Chalte said that it need not worry about the logistics problem and that allows his team to focus solely on finding customers for merchants on WearYouWant and also on delivering high quality customer service.

WearYouWant currently has 15 people people ranging from service to business development people. The Bangkok-based startup is backed by Digital Media Partners (DMP) and also other undisclosed investors.

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