Japanese App ‘Watching Cute Girl’ Makes Sure You’re Never Alone



Here’s an app from Japan that is totally ridiculous, and probably not worth paying for — but I can’t help but share it anyway.

Ningen Inc’s ‘Watching Cute Girl’ iOS app has a number of different and equally bizarre features. Essentially, it’s just an on-screen girl who watches over you, occasionally reacting to various inputs like sound or movement. There are 180 pre-recorded video patterns that can be played back, depending on the situation or settings. All those behaviors have resulted in a pretty bloated app though, as it’s a 314 MB download.

Actor Kendo Kobayashi supposedly has some input in how this app was developed, and there’s actually a mode that when switched on will address you as Mr. Kobayashi. So if your surname actually is Kobayashi, perhaps you might want to buy this app.

It’s currently on sale for the promotional price of 85 yen (or $0.99), and I’m not even sure it would be worth it at that price. I’m half-tempted though, just to make the home office a little more interesting.

Check it out over at watching.jp, where you can preview many of the different ‘watching girl’ behaviors.

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