Waroeng Ekspres Mobile Game Trains You to be a Fast Cook


There are practically countless amount of cooking games available to casual gamers these days. But did you know that Indonesia has its own culinary game too? It’s called Waroeng Ekspres. In contrast to Urban Fatburner games, Waroeng Ekspres will arouse your appetite, rather than attempt to suppress it.

Indonesian game developer Aksara Games Studio has launched two versions of this game: Waroeng Ekspres and Waroeng Ekspres Jawa as the sequel. The two iterations are similar, in that the player must serve food as per customer requests as quickly as possible. But in the sequel, players will expand their restaurants to any other region on Java Island. The foods are traditional Indonesian foods and the game characters are dressed in Indonesian traditional clothes, so it’s a fun learning experience for non-Indonesian players.

Waroeng Ekspres game

Of course, there’s an online scoring system which allows players to compare their high scores with other players worldwide.

Since it launched in July, Waroeng Ekspres Jawa has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and gained popularity in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Brazil. It even hit the top ten best seller arcade game list on Nokia’s Ovi Store in Indonesia three days after the launch.

The studio also launched Waroeng Ekspres Season: Lebaran to celebrate Eid holiday (Lebaran means Eid in Indonesian). Previously they also had Waroeng Ekspres Jawa Merdeka to tie-in with Indonesian independence day. All the games are available in the Nokia Ovi Store and can be played on any Symbian ^3 touchscreen phone.

Here is a video of the game in action:

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