Wakfu Asia open beta test pushed to December 18, 2013


Ankama Asia has postponed its open beta test for the Wakfu Asia client to ensure players “have a rewarding and problem-free time” in the game.

The sudden decision was made last night, a day ahead when the open beta was originally scheduled to kick off (today at 5:00 P.M.).

Instead, players will have to wait until next Wednesday (December 18, 2013, also at 5:00pm) to dive into the World of Twelve (in Asia).

Player reactions are mixed, with some commenting they had no problem with the postponement, and others calling the move “disgusting and unacceptable”. For my part, I think it’s a better idea to solve your problems first, rather than face more hate for having left them in and forcing players to deal with them when the game goes public.

For those of you deciding if you should give Wakfu Asia a go, check out our impressions of it from the closed beta test:

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