Vietnamese Developer FPT To Open An Office in Myanmar


Her cellphone might be on a Vietnamese telco soon. (Image:

It seems everybody is jumping on the Myanmar bandwagon.

FPT, arguably Vietnam’s largest software development company, is opening a representative office in Myanmar.

The office, which will most likely be opening up in Yangon, Myanmar’s former capital and largest city, will be focused on research, distribution and expansion. It will be a place for FPT to recruit Myanmarese developers and direct projects, especially those coming from Japanese customers.

FPT will not be the first Vietnamese company to enter Myanmar. Mobifone, one of Vietnam’s top telcos, set up its own representative office in Yangon last December. VNPT, another telco, also visited Myanmar last August.

Internet penetration in Myanmar is still way below five percent. So it’s a smart move for telcos and big software companies to jump in now before anybody else secures the fresh market.

Myanmar’s hot, no doubt about that. I mean, they’ve got the biggest Barcamp (a technology un-conference) in the world for three years and running. Big and small businesses are dreaming about coming in early and becoming the pivotal businesses that will grow into giants as Myanmar opens up.


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