This is Vietnam’s Web in 2012, As Facebook Overtakes Zing In the Country [INFOGRAPHIC]

Steven Millward
12:00 pm on Oct 17, 2012

After last week’s Asia-wide report on the state of the web, mobile, and social media, comes the infographic from digital agency WeAreSocial that focuses on Vietnam. The big news is that Facebook has overtaken Zing as Vietnam’s social network of choice – now Facebook has 8.5 million Vietnamese users, surpassing Zing’s 8.2 million in the country.

The WeAreSocial team notes that Facebook had a mere 2.9 million Facebook users in Vietnam last summer, so it’s seeing stellar growth among Vietnam’s very young and mobile netizens. But a note of caution: Zing’s self-reported figures are a little older than Facebook’s, so there’s still a chance for the homegrown service to regain its crown. After all, Zing is still growing from its 6.8 million figure last year.

Here’s the key slide from the infographic presentation showing Vietnam’s web scene:

Some highlights in Vietnam to look out for:

  • Social media penetration of nine percent shows there’s massive room for growth
  • 127.3 million mobile subscribers in total, which is above the population figure of 91.5 million
  • 19 million mobile internet users, which works out at penetration of around 21 percent
  • 35 percent of those user their phones to access social media
  • 28 percent of Vietnamese netizens now have a Facebook account

And here is the full deck for you to browse:

[Source: WeAreSocial blog]

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  • @mark_e_evans

    I’d love to see th overlap between those Zing accts and the Facebook accounts. I have a feeling it’s mostly the same people.

  • Arthur Lee

    This is a very interesting slide of what is really happening in vietnam. Been there and seen it happening right now.

  • Simon Kemp

    @Mark Absolutely – we fully expect there to be considerable overlap. That’s the main reason we’re only using the figures from the largest social network to represent the total number of social media users for the country, even though it’s likely to be higher – there’s significant likelihood that people will have a presence on multiple platforms, and there’s little way to avoid double counting otherwise. Still impressive to see such quick growth though!

    @Arthur Yes! We’ve been spending some time there recently too, and it’s amazing to see quickly things are changing.

  • Dylan Mack

    This is nice and all, but it is by no mean without a reason. Insiders on the ground there said that about a year and a half ago Facebook recruited a Policy and Growth Manager to tackle the ‘technical problems’ that Facebook was having, which caused their traffic to lag behind its neighboring countries. They were able to get a highly regarded former Googler who used to run Google Vietnam to head the Facebook’s operations there since early 2011. So, what ever that the guy did, he pretty much turned Facebook around in a market that many experts thought had restrictive policies that were not very friendly to Facebook. In any case, congrats to Facebook. Now, it would be just dandy if they can do the same for the Chinese market.

  • Game2f

    I’m from VietNam. But use facebook only (my friend use facebook too)

    Facebook add friend = 5000
    Zing add friend = 500

  • Todd Nguyen

    Wow! 34% internet penetration while only 31% of the population is urban, and the mobile penetration is off the chart too. Very impressive numbers for a country that had been isolated from the rest of the world not too long ago.

    are those numbers a limit on the number of friends you can add? not that I have that much friends to add but would be interesting to know.

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