Vidinterest is a Pinterest Site for Videos Only

Willis Wee
9:08 am on Aug 9, 2012


Nepal-based adopted the Pinterest idea of a social pinboard, but focuses just on video sharing and discovery. It is essentially a skin for YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion videos but I must say that it does help me find videos that I like. Every user can create their own playlist, just like boards on Pinterest and… eh… playlists on YouTube. As with YouTube, users can follow others’ videos sharing updates.

The Nepal startup says that so far only 30 percent of its planned features are implemented, so what you see currently is far from a finished product. The Vidinterest project is funded by Nirajan Bom Malla who is the CEO of Surfmandu Nepal, and I encourage you to give it a try.

It’s pretty sticky. One great example is this playlist created by Nirajan which has all the latest movie trailers all in one place for easy viewing.


  • Avinash

    wow…. this is cool…. what i liked about it is that i can make a playlist of videos from different video sites…!! :)

  • nishan

    i found vidinterest as a great platform for video collections of all categories with various features.i found vidinterest as a greater place to pin my videos.

  • nilambar

    hmm…nice. I like that. :-)

  • Abhash Bikram Thapa

    So, the vidinterest covers the gap of pinning videos. Awesome, I was really looking for something like this.

  • Willis Wee

    you can actually pin videos on pinterest too. just that vidinterest focuses just on videos.

  • Ananda Maharjan

    Goodluck guys… Keep on adding some new features and ideas too!!!

  • Prashanta

    Wow, thanks for the article. Really loved the site. Someone has already created a playlist of videos for Naruto, my favorite anime :)

  • Team TechSansar

    Great effort from Nepalese guys, loving it.

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