Singapore Startup Vibease Impresses in Dublin, and Announces Angel Funding



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Those of you who attended our Startup Asia conference back in February likely haven’t forgotten the unusual startup, Vibease, who stole the show with a great pitch. Vibease connects couples over long distances, helping them to be intimate with a smartphone-controlled personal massager. They are currently on the third model of their prototype, and we’re told today that they have started a pre-order campaign for massagers, with a limited number priced at $69.99.

So what has Vibease been up to recently? They just competed in the Dublin Web Summit’s Spark of Genius competition, reaching the final and receiving an enthusiastic reception. Co-founder Dema Tio tells us that he didn’t expect to reach the final, since the quality of startups in the competition was so high [1]. If you’d like to check out their pitch from Dublin, you can find it after the 50-minute mark here.

In addition to its strong showing in Dublin, Vibease has also recently closed funding from three angel investors in Singapore, which is certainly good news. The startups pre-order campaign will run until November 30, so for couples in tough long-distance relationships, get your order in now.

Vibease also has a new promo video out, which gives a good overview of their product if you haven’t seen it already. Given the nature of the product, it’s hard not to laugh at times. But it’s also pretty undeniable that for some couples, this could be a much needed solution.

  1. In the end it Smartthings won the Spark of Genius competition.  ↩

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