UC Web Dominating Chinese Mobile Browser Market

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Everyone knows that mobile is the future. In fact, forget the future, mobile is a big part of the present. And while Chinese internet giants continue to enter and push on the mobile browser front, the latest numbers from iResearch show that UCWeb continues to hold a commanding lead among third-party mobile browsers. Just check out this chart from iResearch’s report about who was using which browsers in December, 2012 (the numbers add up to more than 100 percent because some people use more than one mobile browser):

Perhaps more telling, iResearch’s numbers also show that UCWeb’s mobile browser is still experiencing strong growth. Its closest competitor, the QQ mobile browser, is growing too, but as is clear from the chart above, it has a lot of ground to cover before it catches up to UCWeb. No wonder UCWeb is looking seriously at an IPO in 2013!

It’s also interesting to note how low many of the other international mobile browsers are on the totem pole. Opera has a pretty respectable 8 percent but beyond that, the other offerings barely even register. That Chinese users have a preference for Chinese-designed things is no surprise, but it’s still interesting to see popular international browsers like Dolphin so low on the totem pole.

(Data via iResearch China Mobile Market Report 2012)

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