Tokyo and Seoul Dominate Twitter on New Year’s Eve


While many people were busy tweeting their new year’s messages and wishes yesterday at midnight, the social network Twitter was also busy keeping track of all those messages. Yesterday the company released a simple graphic showing how many tweets were sent every second in five major time zones in the world.

Asia dominated the tweeting activity with the time zones of UTC +9 (Tokyo and Seoul), and UTC+7 (Bangkok and Jakarta) ranking first and third among global time zones with 33,388 and 11,675 tweets sent per second respectively. In fact, the Tokyo/Seoul combo had such a high frequency of tweeting that it was actually 2.5 times more than the second highest time zone, UTC-5 (New York, Bogota) which saw 13,336 tweets per second.

This is somewhat consistent with French research group Semiocast’s report in July of last year which said that Jakarta and Tokyo were the top two tweeting cities in the world, with the US being the number one Twitter country in the world.

For more information, you can check out Twitter’s full report here.

[Via Trenologi]

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