Which Asian Languages are Spoken Most on Twitter? [MAP]


Thanks to Tomomi Sasaki (coincidentally of AQ, whose AQ Lift we recently featured) for the tip on this very cool Twitter language visualization from Eric Fischer. It shows all the languages being used on Twitter an a single, multi-colored world map. While Europe is probably the most colorful, we thought we’d zoom in on the Asia portion and see how it looks.

As you can see, there are very dense patches for Japanese, Korean, and Indonesia. In China, where Twitter remains blocked, there are small patches of activity. Thai is well represented too, as is Malay which is a little tough to see as the color is a little hard to distinguish from Indonesian. On the left India shows a lot of dark grey which is the color chosen for English.

Check out the Asia portion of the map below for a closer look. The country labels were added by us here at Penn Olson, and not by the original creator.

To learn more about the state of the internet as a whole in Asia, check out our previous posts on internet users and penetration as well as Akamai’s figures on internet speeds.

Twitter languages in Asia

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