Watch Tokyo’s YouTube Space Get Taken Over by a Huge Rube Goldberg Machine (VIDEO)

YouTube Space video

Yes, that happened.

Remember the ‘YouTube Space’ studio that opened up in Tokyo last month, the first of its kind in Asia? Well, it’s already being put to fun and creative use, as shown in this video by Japan-based content creators Megwin TV – just the kind of producers that the YouTube Space was designed to facilitate.

The video features a huge Rube Goldberg machine – a wackily over-complex contraption – that snakes through the vast YouTube studio complex. It’s nice that the video is an Asia-wide effort, with help from Indian and Korean YouTube creators as well.

Despite quite a bit of human input, it’s still an impressive Rube Goldberg gadget. Highlights include some very messy beatboxing with the aid of neon paint (4:22) and an appearance from the Bollywood Hangover guy (5:48). But look out for the ashen body-painted dude who will haunt my nightmares for the rest of this week (4:59). Here’s the video:

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