Toge Productions sneaks us a peek of new game: Jankenpon Hero


Toge Productions has a new game up its sleeve! It revealed yesterday a trailer of Jankenpon Hero, an adorable side-scrolling adventure where a knight fights to save a princess from an unspecified monster.

Described by CEO and co-founder Kris Antoni as an “endless RPG adventure with a rock-paper-scissors fighting mechanic”, Jankenpon will have various field settings such as grasslands, towns, woods, castles, and dungeons.

Each level will see players fighting enemies until they reach a checkpoint; once they do, they will proceed to the next area. “Kinda like Golden Axe?” I ask. “Kinda like that but not exactly,” Antoni replies.

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He says that players will encounter bosses, merchants, and random treasure chests during the adventure, with their goal being to defeat bosses and rescue princesses, note the plural.

There will also be a local multiplayer feature.

“The game is very skill-based, so you can have a ton of fun challenging your friends,” Antoni finishes up. As it is, Jankenpon is a bit of a departure from the pixel-art goodness that has been the Infectonator series, but it does look pretty damn cute.

Jankenpon will be exhibited at the upcoming Casual Connect Asia. We’ll be sure to bring you a preview of it then.

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