Tiket Officially Launches, Adds Flight Booking to its Services


Tiket's official launch in Jakarta (Image: Techinasia staff).

Tiket has officially launched its site today at an event at Pad 28, Jakarta (pictured above). Soft-launched six months ago with movie tickets, concert tickets, and hotel bookings available, now it has added flight ticketing to complete its tagline of being a “One Stop Travel and Entertainment Gateway.”

Unfortunately for the team, the Tiket.com servers are not handling the pressure well, and the site is currently down.

In those past six months, Tiket has grown to cover 550 hotels in 50 cities in Indonesia, concert ticket booking for 14 events (added to the site on 31 January 2012), and sold over 3,000 movie seats. For its new service, Tiket has 48 flight destinations so far with 3 carriers: Lion Air, Sriwijaya, and Batavia.

Gaery Undarsa, managing director of Tiket.com, described his entrepreneurial journey whilst speaking on stage:

Tiket.com was born out of our inspiration after seeing the online booking and e-commerce positive trend. We love traveling and we see the [online retailing] problem in Indonesia as an opportunity – we are trying to think how to help people book and buy tickets seamlessly. Our vision is trying to be the best integrated booking and ticketing site in Indonesia, and by adding the new service it is aligned with our goal.

Along with the new flight bookings, Tiket has several key features such as the ability to mix and match your travel itinerary, lots of online payment options (including credit cards and bank transfers), and 24-hour support via phone or online chat.

The travel and entertainment industry in Indonesia is definitely in its early stages and ready to be disrupted. Tiket has helped to push that disruption by making the online retailing experience frictionless – yet it has some room to improve as well, such as living up to its promises of giving the best prices for its hotel bookings. It needs to add a native mobile app for lots of platforms alongside its mobile-optimized website, since Indonesia is a mobile first country. What do you think about the newly launched Tiket.com?

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