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Newly Graduated from JKTFI, Ticbox Offers Affordable Online Surveys in Indonesia

Enricko Lukman
Enricko Lukman
3:54 pm on Nov 30, 2012

Ticbox.co is a startup that helps companies conduct credible and fast online surveys at affordable prices in Indonesia. It is one of the three startups that have newly graduated from the Jakarta Founder Institute event, the other two being Pouch and Eloku.

Ticbox so far has a group of 1,000 users who act as a base for many different surveys, and they are offered incentives in the form of points to do it. The points can be redeemed for products such as phone credits, free ringtones, or wallpapers. These are not exactly great rewards, but perhaps they’re sufficient to attract people to sign up to voice their opinions. The respondents usually fill in and send the surveys through the web. This online survey method is deemed faster than conventional survey alternatives.

Ticbox noted that there is a quality checking process involved in its surveys. These include analyzing how much time it takes for the respondents to fill in the survey, comparing the average survey time to see if they were serious when filling in responses. Yohanes Widi Sono, the co-founder of Ticbox, said that there are other online survey companies out there like Survey Monkey and AYTM, but those two companies still don’t have a credible pool of Indonesian respondents.

During the Jakarta Founder Institute graduation and demo day, the startup presented survey results about user behavior among Indonesians when both online and offline. The survey findings were then compared to research from Markplus Insight, whose survey covered the same subject earlier this year. The results were similar.

Ticbox will earn revenue by offering white label products to brands, and from client survey fees. A survey project is priced according to the number of respondents and the respondent criteria that’s used. One respondent will cost IDR 10,000 ($1), with the cost of each extra criteria specified being an additional 15 percent.

Ticbox is scheduled to be launched in February 2013.

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