There are games that let you pop pimples


Let’s face it. Popping that just-right zit is a guilty pleasure. It has to be, or r/popping wouldn’t exist, and people wouldn’t make games that let you pop virtual zits.

One of those games appeared as a suggestion on the Play Store, and further investigation led me to discovera a whole plethora of zit-zapping mobile games. I had to try at least one of them.

No Pimple is a very simple mobile game that allows you to (duh) pop zits. You’re presented with a choice of four faces, each allocated with ten levels of boil busting goodness. The amount of acne you get to antagonize rises with each level.

Each zit can be treated with some sort of yellow emulsion, a red emulsion, or it’ll present you with a fine strand of hair that must be removed with the tweezers. Once the zit is broken open, you then have to literally squeeze it dry. Squeezing all zits on the face lets you advance to the next level.

To be frank, this particular pustule picking game did feel pretty realistic, especially since you have to squeeze the zit from different angles. It’s just…not the sort of game I’d consider socially acceptable, you know?

There are a bunch more of games that let you blast blemishes, but frankly, I didn’t think my stomach would be able to take them.


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