The worst games of 2013


There were a lot of great games released this year. But there were also some real clunkers. We don’t want to sound too mean-spirited, but here are the games that you probably should have skipped this year:

Charlie’s worst games of 2013

3D Labyrinth. It’s hard to imagine how there could be a worse mobile game than 3D Labyrinth. It’s boring, pointless, ugly, short, and not fun; plus, it has the most annoying music on earth. So far, it has earned the lowest score of any game we’ve ever reviewed.

Call of Duty: Ghosts. The stagnating COD franchise really hit the wall with Ghosts, a game that failed to live up to its title in every way I can think of. The story is awful, the game is boring, and the multiplayer was more fun in previous titles. Steer clear.

Iain’ worst games of 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines. Oh my god this game was bad. It was just so bad. The graphics were bad, gameplay was bad, it sounded bad and it was just bad. This game is a testament to bad games everywhere. It is a pinnacle of awfulness and it should not, I repeat, should not be played by anyone ever!

Chris’ worst games of 2013

Does Superman 64 still count? No? Ok then probably Dorodango. Everything from the look to the concept is just awful. Sure it’s got WTF moments that make you giggle, but there is not an ounce of fun to be found in this game.

Xairylle’s worst games of 2013

3D Labyrinth. I haven’t tried it, but the trailer is enough to make me ask, “What are you fighting for, plumber?”

Malee’s worst game of 2013

Hometown Story was one of the biggest shams of my life. Marketed as a new game from the ‘father’ of Harvest Moon, Hometown Story was a poorly designed game with terrible characters and a horrible plot. Roaming that deserted town felt more like living in hell than in a quaint little village.

So yeah, definitely don’t pick any of those games up during the post-holiday sales your local game shops may be having! But if you’re looking for games you should pick up, stay tuned because tomorrow we’ll be posting our top overall picks for games of the year!

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