The League of Legends New Dawn cinematic has been censored by China, but not where you might expect


China censorship is a tricky topic. Sometimes regulations apply, sometimes they do not. Some might seem logical, like cutting out segments with racial or ethnic hate, while others, like being unable to show gambling-related content…maybe not so much. In the end, China’s censorship rules are quite up to interpretation, but there’s one thing that the red country definitely does not want shown: blood.

(See: China doesn’t censor skeletons: the truth about game censorship in the Middle Kingdom)

And that rule applies to everything, including the latest League of Legends New Dawn cinematic. Thankfully, the team over at Tencent got right on the ball and created a non-evil version for its pure and innocent Chinese viewers. Here are a few pictures for comparison (click to enlarge):

US 1

Original video

CN 1

Chinese version

us 2

Original video

cn 2

Chinese version

us 3

Original video

cn 3

Chinese version

us 4

Original video

china 4

Chinese version

Of course, scenes with provocative positions are completely fine:

china cat

china cat 2

Watch China’s version of the New Dawn cinematic below:

I’m going to call it right now: future League of Legends cinematic videos will never include Karthus, because he’s too scary.

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