The Last of Us Remastered delayed till the first week of August in India, maybe longer


Sony India has confirmed that The Last of Us Remastered will be delayed. Its original August 1 release date has been pushed back till the first week of August. Retail delays of new Sony games are unprecedented, as everything labelled a first-party Sony release usually lands in the country at least a week before release date.

It is the latest in a string of game delays and cancellations in India. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil made it here a good one month after the global release and UFC never showed up officially. While these games are published by Electronic Arts, the publisher shares the same distributor as Sony: Milestone Interactive.

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Milestone Interactive has yet to comment, and Sony India hasn’t given a reason for the delay. In the meantime, the more resourceful retailers are bringing the game in. Thanks to a street date break in the United Arab Emirates late last week, copies of the game are readily available, albeit for a hefty INR 4000 ($66.50). That’s $20 more than the official retail price.

The prompt availability via the grey market possibly indicates that local retail isn’t too confident of the distributor bringing in stock anytime soon. Considering that the digital version of the game weighs in at around 44GB, gamers here are stuck between a massive download or spending a lot more than they should.

Having said that, I chose the latter. And having been playing The Last of Us Remastered this weekend, I have just two words: it’s glorious. Stay tuned for our full review soon.

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