The Japanese Oculus Rift game where a cute girl steps on your face


In Japan (where else?), an Oculus Rift game has been developed that allows you to receive the full aural and visual experience of submitting before a virtual lolita master.

Meet Tune-chan, the official mascot character of G-Tune: Garage, a computer shop in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district. In the game, which is titled Dogelus2, Tune-chan steps on you like you’re nothing more than a cockroach beneath her heels. Nice.

Even girls can get into the action, as seen by this Japanese woman who felt that the experience was so real that she began apologizing and grovelling before a virtual character.

When Facebook bought Oculus VR for a whopping $2 billion, perverts everywhere clutched their anime body pillows in fear, afraid that the wonderful technology which held so much potential for fulling their sexual desires would be turned into some kind of wretched social networking tool.

The Dogelus2 development team has done more than simply create a game for loli-loving masochists— they have inspired hope into the hearts of perverts everywhere, saying hey, perverts will always find a way.

You can get more details on Dogelus2 on its official website here.

(via Game Watch)


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