Story time: Thailand unites to create over 2,400 audiobooks for blind people


Read for the blind app

Back in October of last year, we profiled Read for the Blind, the most-talked about app of the moment. It seems the app’s momentum hasn’t faded.

Read for the Blind is an app that allow users to record themselves reading a book, which will be converted into an audio book and sent to the visually handicapped. When it was first lauched three months ago, its Facebook page, which is the program’s main page as it doesn’t have a website, started with over 17,000 likes. Now it has over 65,000 likes.

Made in partnership with Google, Samsung Galaxy, SCB Bank, and Thai telco AIS, Read for the Blind has been downloaded over 100,000 times, with over 40,000 registered users. About 3,000 articles and 2,400 books were finished and converted into audio format in the past three months. Another 15,000 projects have been started.

The top three most popular categories for books are fiction, children, and general knowledge. For articles, the top three are general knowledge, religion, and health.

Read for the Blind is available on both iOS and Android.

(Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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