Thailand’s Fourleaf Creates Gorgeous Menus on iPads for Hotel Guests

Willis Wee
11:30 am on Mar 25, 2013


Fourleaf is a Thailand-based startup that helps hotels to create beautiful looking menus on iPads. So, instead of browsing through the usual paper menu, Fourleaf is able to put all these menus — for room services, food menus, TV programs, etc. — on the iPad. Having recently raised THB 1 million ($34,000) angel funding, co-founder Nattapon Nimakul told me that his company is now testing its solution with two hotels in Krabi and Phuket.

For every iPad menu issued (every hotel room will have one), Fourleaf charges the hotel $100 to $170 per month. That’s quite costly, so Fourleaf is only going after four- or five-star hotels. On the surface, Fourleaf’s iPad menus are just another pretty way to impress customers. But there are actually several benefits in using its service.

By digitizing menu content and order processes, it allows the hotel to collect and analyze data to improve revenue from room service. Fourleaf also provides a real-time dashboard for hotel clients to make sense out of the data collected. If any changes need to be made in the menu, it can be done immediately across all hotels by changing content hosted in the cloud.

  • Matthew Fiebig

    I saw this app demoed by Nattapon this past weekend, it really is gorgeous like the title of this article said. I was impressed.

  • Nomo

    Really good designers. wow.

  • DWC

    not to be a spoil sport but IMO it’s just clean enough but not super nice… colors/typeface seem really standard.

    I’m sure the functionality end of it works quite well, but in terms of digital menus there are plenty of amazing ones out there.

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