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Thai telcos reveal official prices for upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C launch

Saiyai Sakawee
Saiyai Sakawee
4:30 pm on Oct 21, 2013


Thailand gets the newest iPhones on October 25. Today, the official prices for the iPhone 5S and 5C models have been revealed by Thai telcos AIS and True Move H. The prices from both telcos are almost exactly the same.

The iPhone 5S starts at 23,900 Baht ($770) and the 5C at 19,900 ($630).

True Move H and AIS prices with a 2-year contract

  • iPhone 5S 16GB – 23,900 Baht ($770)
  • iPhone 5S 32GB – 27,500 Baht ($880)
  • iPhone 5S 64GB – 30,900 Baht ($990)
  • iPhone 5C 16GB – 19,900 Baht ($630)
  • iPhone 5C 32GB – 23,900 Baht ($770)

True Move H and AIS prices for the phone with no contract

  • iPhone 5S 16GB – True Move H 24,500 Baht; AIS 24,550 Baht ($780)
  • iPhone 5S 32GB – True Move H 28,300 Bant; AIS 28,250 Baht ($910)
  • iPhone 5S 64GB – True Move H 31,900 Baht; AIS 31,950 Baht ($1,025)
  • iPhone 5C 16GB – True Move H and AIS 20,700 Baht ($665)
  • iPhone 5C 32GB – True Move H 24,500 Baht; AIS 24,550 Baht ($780)

The other main telco, Dtac, hasn’t released its prices yet. There are only 8,000 of these phones available to Thailand’s three main telcos, so they’ll likely sell out fast.

(Editing by Steven Millward)

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