Thai Gundam Extreme Vs: Full Boost fan releases his own incredible combo video


While combo videos are frequently created by fighting game players as a tool to show off character combos, I’ve never heard of a combo video being released for Gundam Extreme Vs: Full Boost (EXVSFB), much less one from a player from Thailand.

A player who goes by Marasai released this mind-blowingly well-made combo video featuring various Gundams in the game showing off their flashy attacks.

Marasai admits that most of the combos are not practical for use in real EXVSFB matches. You often do not have time to perform lengthy combos because it’s a 2v2 game, and the other enemy will typically attack you while you are trying to style on his teammate.

So to defy a metagame where you often try and keep combos short and sweet, Marasai decided to release this video to show just how cool some of the Gundams can get.

Marasai told us that he spent two months putting the video together, reworking it a few times till it was perfect in his eyes. Marasai says, “[I] like to try new combos because I think it’s just like a puzzle game. I imagine them in my head and just keep doing it. It is really fun.This is the reason I was inspired to make this video.”

The video in question shows off some real high-quality craftsmanship. You don’t even have to be a player to appreciate how cool this looks; the way each combo transitions into the next shows a great deal of thought and effort went into the making of the video.

We hope to see more combo videos being made by Marasai as well as fans in the region. If you think this video is awesome, give Marasai a shoutout in the comment section below!


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