Tencent: 400 Million Chinese Used Its Streaming and Social Olympics Coverage [INFOGRAPHIC]


Now that the London Olympics are all over, Chinese web giant Tencent (HKG:0700) has put together an infographic that shows all the sporting chatter and hits from across its social media and news portal users. All added up, Tencent reckons that 400 million people accessed its Olympics coverage, which was focused around its 2012.qq.com news site that the company dubbed its sporting “Tea House” during the event.

Aside from all that news to read, Tencent played host to Olympics TV streams, and lots of social media talk about the Games on its QQ forums and Twitter-like Tencent Weibo. But, as we reported earlier this week, rival microblog service Sina Weibo won the hypothetical gold for getting more traffic during the event.

Nonetheless, Tencent’s users across all its services actually won out. Of all those, 77 percent of posts were made from a PC, with just 23 percent from a mobile. The most talked-about sportsperson during the Games was Kobe Bryant, betraying the Chinese obsession with basketball. Surprisingly, no Chinese athletes made it onto the most-discussed list. One oddball entry is South Korean swimmer Pu Taihuan, who was up against local hero Sun Yang in the 1500m freestyle swimming. Though Sun won the gold, a bit of a beef between the two men propelled Pu to social media notoriety for a while.

One consolation for Tencent in its rivalry with the Sina Weibo service is that the former has a greater number of sports stars among its verified users. Here’s the whole infographic:

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