Telunjuk Now Compares Home Electronic Products


Indonesian price comparison site Telunjuk announced today that it has added three home electronic product categories to its website: TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines. Telunjuk co-founder Hanindia Narendrata Rahiesa says he believes that the three new product categories are essential products for any households. Telunjuk can now help save people’s some time and effort in comparing a wide range of electronic products’ specifications on a single website.

Each category’s search can be refined in different ways. For example, we can filter by criteria such as brands or the screen size for TVs, or the number of doors, or capacity for refrigerators.
The three new product categories now make for a total of nine categories on the website, with the other six being phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, plane tickets, and hotels.

Hanindia says that Telunjuk has monthly organic growth of about 35 to 45 percent so far. The team is going to add more features next year with Indonesia’s middle classes as Telunjuk’s main target market.

Of course this is good timing by Telunjuk as a lot of people might be interested to buy these products during the Christmas holiday. If you’d like to compare prices of TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines, be sure to check out their sites.

The other price comparison search engines in the country, PriceArea and PricePanda, are also able to compare TVs, but not with the same search filters provided by Telunjuk. PriceArea can also compare washing machines and refrigerator without useful filters, but PricePanda isn’t able to look for those products yet. It’s still pretty early in the price comparison space, but I think Telunjuk has the early advantage.

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