Telco Viettel Looks Beyond Vietnam, Targets 1 Billion Users by 2020

Anh-Minh Do
6:21 pm on Dec 27, 2012

They’re celebrating over at Viettel.

Viettel, Vietnam’s leading mobile telco (which holds over 37 percent of the market), is now looking for business opportunities abroad. In several big moves in the past few months, Viettel has secured agreements to provide mobile services in Cameroon by 2014, open a 900 MHz network in Peru by 2014, and it has also surpassed its competitor VNPT to become the largest telecoms firm in Vietnam. It has been a good year for Viettel and the future looks bright. By 2020, the company plans to have one billion people on its network.

If Viettel were to succeed in its plans for expansion, it would put the giant telco among the top 10 largest in the world. Its latest growth spurt comes from its aggressive strategy of deals, marketing, and customer acquisition, while its big competitor, VNPT, struggled with internal management restructuring.

As Viettel looks outside of Vietnam for growth, with presences in Laos, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Chile, East Timor, Haiti, and Tanzania, the military-owned company is now becoming yet another major Vietnamese company ready to secure consumer market share in non-Vietnamese markets. This is something we’ve seen only recently among big Vietnamese companies.

I think this is more encouragement that Vietnamese tech companies can make it outside of the country. Will Vietnam’s biggest internet companies like VC Corp and VNG also ambitiously follow suit and go global like Viettel?

[Source: – article in Vietnamese]

  • Todd Nguyen

    Any prominent reason why it succeeds while its competitors fail?
    It should be a case study for that burgeoning country to learn in order to catch up to the rest of the world.

    Is it because the company has ties/connections with the military which gives it an advantage over its competitors?

  • Anh-Minh Do

    Well, VNPT is also tied to the government so that’s not so much a competitive advantage. Viettel provides better service (according to some) and has lots of deals. VNPT also faced some managerial issues.

  • Khoa D

    I remembered that their oversea market include Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Mozambique, Peru, East Timor and Cameroon. Are you sure that Vietnam has made investment in Chile and Zimbabwe respectively?

  • Anh-Minh Do

    Hello Khoa D. Please refer to these two articles: – Viettel’s complete investments including Chile – Viettel’s investments in Zimbabwe

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