SGE acquired by Tech in Asia!


Some saw it coming, some didn’t think it could ever happen – am happy to announce today that SGE and Tech in Asia have joined forces! Tech in Asia has acquired us for an “undisclosed sum” – yeah, we’ve become one of those annoying companies who refuse to divulge details of a deal. (I’m not really sorry about that.)

As part of the deal, all of SGE’s 8 years of history will be archived on so all our hard work and that of the numerous guest contributors‘ over the years is not lost. Terence and myself will also be joining the great team there.

We’re truly excited about combining forces with Tech in Asia – they’ve done a fantastic job over the last several years pushing English-language Asia tech startup news to the world. They also have an events arm with a kick-ass conference and series of meetups around Asia. Our new parent has also just raised a new round of funding.

What’s the difference, you might ask? Platforms like SGE and Tech in Asia have always been to tell the world what’s going on in the Asia tech scenes, to bridge language divides and communities. While both online publications cover Asia, we’ve had slightly different focuses: with Tech in Asia having much more comprehensive wider Asia coverage and SGE having a much more Southeast Asian focus, with a highlight on Singapore – harkens to the origin of our name. A combined entity with so much content on Asia as a whole can only have a multiplicative result.

But we could only have gotten so far with all our past and present team members over the years. (Yes, thanking-people time.) Though we’ve been around for so long, we have really been a side project for most of our existence (check out one of our super ugly first few templates on Blogger): running on a super lean full-time team of two for the past two years, having dedicated individuals like Isaac who believed in our vision and joined us way back and has since been an invaluable member of our core team, resident contributing writers Steph, Albert, Joyce, Sharon, and welcoming new freelance writers and volunteer scouts over the years. A big thank you also goes out to all my official and unofficial mentors and advisors, Weichang (one of the three SGE co-founders) and Nicholas (angel investor) for having been with us throughout the years. Last but not the least, my tireless co-founder of SGE, Bernard, who has been a constant rock of support. Things would have been very different without you, Bernard!

Everything will be migrated by next weekend, and a few articles will still be published here, but when the deed is done, you’ll know it. Then, make sure to say hi to us at our new home:

About SGE
Founded in 2005 with the goal of giving a voice to startups in Singapore, what was originally a side project has since grown to be one of Asia’s most influential blogs on technology startups and entrepreneurship. From meetups and hackathons to hosting a dialogue session with then Singapore Presidential candidate (now President) Dr. Tony Tan, SGE has always been championing startups and bridging communities. SGE has also worked with organizations and companies that include the Singapore government, government agencies in Singapore and Austria, and global firms like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Linkedin, PayPal, Intuit, and Rakuten.

About Tech in Asia
Tech in Asia is a digital media startup with team members in key cities across Asia. As a crew of journalists and bloggers bound by a passion for technology news reporting, their goal is to create the best experience for readers interested in Asia­focused tech news by bridging language divides and sharing the exciting tech and startup scene in Asia with the world. Tech in Asia is also known for its Startup Asia conferences, which are held in Singapore and Jakarta. The team also hosts frequent Meetups in cities across Asia where entrepreneurs can connect and learn from industry leaders.

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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