Team Newbee’s Xiao8 announces temporary retirement from competitive Dota


If you’re looking at watching Newbee after winning The International 2014 (TI4), we’re sorry to inform you that it will not be possible. Team Newbee’s captain Zhang “xiao8” Ning has announced his retirement on Weibo.


Here’s an English translation:

Although I’m reluctant to go, I’ve nevertheless decided to temporarily step out of the limelight. I’ve been very lucky, and ultimately achieved my dream. Thank you so much to the teammates and opponents who have grown alongside me, and also to the fans who have always supported me. It’s also because of all of you that my life has become so wonderful.

One of the reasons that xiao8 may have for retiring would be to take care of his wife. The couple got married prior to TI4. Still, there are fans on Reddit who are hopeful that xiao8 will return in time for the next International. Whether or not he will be a part of Team Newbee is something we will have to wait and see.

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Aside from xiao8, other players who have announced their retirement are Team DK’s Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng and Invictus Gaming’s (iG) Jiang “YYF” Cen. The main difference in xiao8’s case, however, is that his retirement is “temporary”. But temporary or not, reigning team Newbee is still lacking one member.

It has only been a week after TI4, but the post-TI4 shuffle seems to already be happening. Who do you think will replace xiao8? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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