High Tech Hangers Make Shopping More Stimulating for Men in Japan


Videos are triggered on screens above when you take a hanger from the rack

The folks at Japan’s TeamLab are a pretty creative bunch. I first met up with them at a Tokyo Maker fair a few years back, where they had cleverly hacked a Wii balance board to convert it into a diet chair. But I was surprised to see that they were also the brains behind a very creative shopping display that has been turning a few heads in Japan recently.

The group has an installation of its teamLabHanger product currently in operation at a Vanquish store in Ikebukuro. When an item of clothing on a hanger is removed from the rack, it triggers video and audio on a screen overhead. Improving on its interactive hangers system from last year which showed how clothes would look when worn, this latest installation is more entertaining, and… well… stimulating.

According to Diginfo News (who have a great video demo of the system below), the current system is running a campaign that features some female artists and celebrities. I’m not sure who they are exactly, but I hope they aren’t cold…

It’s an interesting innovation, although I’m curious to know if something like this would increase sales enough to warrant the cost of installation.

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