Talk to Chinese Gamers and Curse at Gold Farmers in WoW with this Handy Phrasebook

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Would you be happy if I constantly stole your mobs?

World of Warcraft players worldwide often complain about Chinese gold farmers, but how many have actually tried to communicate with them? That’s the goal of this wiki page we came across via BoingBoing. It’s a pretty thorough pinyin phrasebook that includes everything you might want to say from “Hello” to “Please don’t steal my mobs” to “You have no dick!” Handy!

While it’s not completely accurate (there are some mistakes and the pinyin would be easier to read if the authors hadn’t chosen to put a space between each pinyin syllable), in general it’s pretty readable and since Chinese public school students all have to learn the pinyin romanization system, chances are any Chinese players you come across in WoW will be able to read it. Whether or not you can read what they type back is another story altogether, of course, but since Chinese students also must study English, there’s a good chance you might be able to get some actual communication going with help from this phrasebook.

With that said, please remember that not every Chinese player you come across is a gold farmer. And even when you do run into a Chinese gold farmer, there’s no need to be an asshole — remember that these people are just trying to make a living, and in some case might even be forced to play the game. Instead of running around screaming “You have no dick!” at every Chinese player you come across, we recommend using this phrasebook for good — try to actually communicate with people and you may find you make some new friends!

[via BoingBoing]

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