Why Rebright Partners predicts a bright future for Southeast Asia (#StartupAsia preview)


Takeshi Ebihara, founding general partner of Rebright Partners

Exits are becoming more and more common for startups in Southeast Asia, and young companies ought to start planning for their future as soon as they begin operations, rather than waiting until the time feels right. At least that’s what Takeshi Ebihara, founding general partner of Rebright Partners will tell you. Ebihara, a seasoned venture capitalist and startup mentor, often cites the US$200 million acquisition of video streaming startup Viki by Japan’s Rakuten as one of the prime examples of great startups coming out of the region.

Rebright’s team claims to not be interested in companies that only want success in one country, and instead seeks out founders that are hungry to capture as much of Asia as possible. According to Ebihara, the best starting point for building disruptive products at the moment is Indonesia with its vast consumption potential and imminent demographic dividend.

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What makes Ebihara so confident about Southeast Asia? What is Rebright’s investment thesis? Ebihara will take the stage at Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 to reveal why Southeast Asia is primed to become the world’s epicenter for new tech ventures. If we behave, he may even run through his experiences working with Jakarta’s Batavia Incubator and funding iMoney, IndoTrading, Adskom, and Qraved with Skype co-founder Toivo Annus.

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