Why Taking A Break Is Good For Your Start-up

sleep baby sleep

Sleep baby sleep

Like most start-up founders, I sleep very little and run on caffeine to keep the energy going. But recently, I gave myself a week’s break to give my body some rest. It’s tough to take a break. And making the decision to say, “Yes, I need to step back for a while,” is even tougher.

That’s because there’s just too much work waiting for me to complete. But there must be some point where you stop your work momentarily just to catch a breather. And I’m glad I did. In fact, my one week break allowed me to see Penn-Olson from top down, and understand my business better. Here’s what I observed:

1. I’m not required to blog:

The editorial team actually doesn’t need me. We still broke news, and things were running per normal. But that doesn’t mean I will stop blogging. I personally find blogging fun. It is also a great way for me to learn and grow with the tech and start-up community. I usually do more than just writing though. I also manage the business side of the blog. Knowing that the team is capable to run the content side of things means I can actually channel some blogging time to focus on building the business.

2. I have an awesome team:

I wasn’t sure if the team could function without me. But it turns out they can. And they are very efficient at their roles. Business talks with other companies go on and the editorial team continues to produce quality content. Every function of the blog seems to be well orchestrated. Of course, things will be better if I’m around to oversee, and there are some additional hires that I could make to patch some holes I observed. But in general I see that I have assembled a team that I can trust and rely on. It’s a self-motivated team with a common vision.

3. The masterplan:

At PO, our team has a vision to spread tech in Asia and to make information accessible to the world. To do that, we have specific strategies that we follow — Yes, like a big masterplan. But sometimes when you’re so tied up, you tend to make decisions so hastily without having the time to stand outside of all the confusion and look at the whole project from a different angle. My one week took me out of all this confusion and allowed me to look at the plan with a cool mind. It helps me to spot errors more efficiently, and ensure we’re running on the right path.

So that’s my short list of things that I learned and observed during my break. I have enjoyed it because I finally spent some time with loved ones – and it also somehow, unexpectedly, allowed me to see things that I don’t usually see. If you’re a tired entrepreneur, give yourself a short break. You may just see things from a new angle, which could result in some valuable insights about the start-up that you’re running.

P.S: Kudos to team PO!

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