Capital Hanoi

Population 90,730,000

GDP(PPP) US$2,052/capita

Internet Penetration Rate 48.3%

Literacy Rate 94%

Vietnam, a country of over 90 million people with an internet penetration of over 37 million people is quickly becoming one of the most significant countries in Southeast Asia. But the country is ironic. Facebook is unofficially banned (behind a DNS block) but it is arguably the fastest growing Facebook country in the world (unlike China where it is completely blocked), adding one million new users per month. Amidst this sea of rapid change, a new community of startups has grown up with legends like VNG and Flappy Bird woven into the folklore of the country. It is unclear how the internet will evolve in Vietnam, but that’s what makes it more interesting.

Country data primarily sourced from World Bank's Data Bank.