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10 Successful Businesses on Twitter

9:04 am on Sep 8, 2009 by Willis Wee

Twitter has been in the spotlight of many since its launch back in 2007. The credit goes to its versatility in any circumstances. It is currently being used for social, business, news and political pu...

twitter youtube

CAUTION: Twitter & YouTube Can Harm Your Brain

9:19 pm on Sep 7, 2009 by Willis Wee

If you’re a Twitter or YouTube addict, BEWARE! At the British Science Festival, Dr Tracey Alloway, Director of the Centre for Memory and Learning in the Lifespan at the University of Stirling revealed...

Twitter Bird

10 Common Twitter Errors to Avoid

10:46 am on Sep 2, 2009 by Willis Wee

People have different reasons for going on Twitter: To make friends, expand networks, promote products, establish branding, kill time, share information, receive information and to support a cause. No...


Samsung to Launch Low Cost Social Media Phone

1:40 am on Sep 2, 2009 by Sarah Chong

When we say mobile phones are going social, we are not joking! Samsung is going to launch Corby, a touch screen handset that focuses on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Europe later this month. It is ...

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IBM Patents TV Remote Control that Auto-Blogs

5:07 pm on Sep 1, 2009 by Willis Wee

Watching TV alone can be boring! Wouldn’t it be great if you have a TV remote control that allows you to share what you’re currently watching? IBM owns that technology, which is waiting to be patented...

new ikea logo

Ikea New Logo Typeface Upsets Fans

3:43 pm on Aug 29, 2009 by Sarah Chong

While few would be interested to know the name of the typeface that forms Ikea’s signature logo, many have long ago considered it as part of the Ikea brand. But of course Ikea’s ad agency did not thin...


How to: Support @CharityWater on Twitter

12:05 am on Aug 29, 2009 by Sarah Chong

Penn Olson Hearts Charity: Water – Posts Series. With Twitter you can do many things. You can buy and sell things, listen to stories, write poems, make a proposal, find a job, and also lose a job. Wha...


ComScore Chart: Maybe Teens Do Like to Tweet

2:12 am on Aug 28, 2009 by Willis Wee

The Twitterverse is hugely dominated by adults users and this has perhaps made Twitter unappealing to teens. There may not be many teens using Twitter currently but according to ComScore, it is certai...

Twitter Bird

Study: 80% of People Use Twitter for Business

2:57 pm on Aug 27, 2009 by Willis Wee

According to a new research from Kamaron Research Institute, about 80% of the people use Twitter for business purposes. More than 8 in 10 listed “business” as the reason why they tweet. This holds tru...