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There are Billions of Tweets Per Month

10:00 pm on Sep 7, 2010 by Willis Wee

Twitter is growing rapidly and it’s evident that it is becoming one of the world’s more important social networking sites. As recently announced, these 145 million users contribute billions of tweet p...

Only 16% of Brands’ Tweets Are Conversational

12:05 am on Aug 8, 2010 by Nizam

How many times have you heard from marketers, bloggers and public relations practitioners to engage your followers on Twitter by adopting a more personal kind of approach? I bet you’ll lost count tryi...

NASA Astronaut Tweets From Space

11:47 pm on Jan 22, 2010 by Sarah Chong

Twitterverse just got a whole lot bigger. NASA astronauts are now equipped with the technology to tweet from space. Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer is the first astronaut to make use of this new system. ...

Twitter To Deliver Several Billion Tweets An Hour

2:02 am on Dec 30, 2009 by Sarah Chong

“Billion” is what Twitter’s looking at for the new year. According to Twitter Co-Founder, Biz Stone, Twitter would be ready to deliver “several billion tweets per hour to users around the world.” Also...