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How Marketers Are Using Social Media in 2010

2:05 pm on Nov 24, 2010 by Stephanie Phua

Flowtown has released another infographic based on research by Michael Steltzer, founder of SocialMediaExaminer that gives us a good overview of how businesses are latching onto the marketing opportun...

viral mktg

How To: Go Viral

9:05 pm on Aug 17, 2010 by Stephanie Phua

Viral marketing has become a trendy, low-cost way of getting a message out, but it definitely isn’t easy to come up with content that is infectious and hype-worthy. This post offers tips on how to get...


Reddit is the Cutest Bookmarking Site of All

12:08 am on Aug 30, 2009 by Willis Wee

If you’re on the internet long enough, you would have come across this bookmarking site, Reddit. It is represented by an extremely adorable alien figure, which is probably the cutest icon among the ot...