You and Meme: Why Memes matter

9:30 am on Jan 14, 2011 by Amos Yeo |  2

In its original definition, a meme (pronounced meam; rhymes with beam) is a term referring to a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to anoth...

3 Problems With Yahoo Meme

8:30 am on Sep 22, 2009 by Sarah Chong |  5

Ever since we have started using Yahoo meme, we have written a review on it and also invited some of our readers to this new micro-blogging service. The experie...

Yahoo Meme to Challenge Twitter

8:17 pm on Sep 2, 2009 by Willis Wee |  2

Yahoo has unofficially rolled out its meme micro-blogging service in English after its soft launch in Spanish and Portuguese. Meme is currently available throug...