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ZTE Profits Slide, But What’s the Cause?

12:00 pm on Jul 17, 2012 by C. Custer

Chinese handset maker and general telecommunications megacorp ZTE recently released first half estimates for this year that would make even the gutsiest CEO’s heart sink: profits are likely to be down...

China’s Provinces Ranked By Internet Speed

4:45 pm on Jul 16, 2012 by C. Custer

The internet isn’t particularly fast anywhere in China, but if you’re looking for a fast connection, all provinces are not created equal. The folks at ChinaCache run a real-time internet speed monitor...

5 Must-Read Tech Stories in China This Week

9:30 pm on Jul 15, 2012 by C. Custer

We had an awful lot of China news this week. And look, you’re busy, we get that. You didn’t read all of it. It’s not the end of the world! In fact, you get the last laugh, because here the biggest Chi...

Xiaomi to Launch in Taiwan Later This Year?

4:40 pm on Jul 13, 2012 by C. Custer

According to a Techweb report quoting “Taiwanese media,” Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has announced that a Xiaomi phone will launch in Taiwan late this year. When contacted, Xiaomi PR representatives confirmed ...