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HTC, 360Buy Execs Honored on CCTV Award List

11:35 am on Dec 13, 2011 by C. Custer

Each year, CCTV — China’s state-owned television conglomerate — announces awards honoring successful businessmen and economic contributors for their achievements over the past year. It should be no su...

Chinese Online Gaming: Change is in the Air

1:28 pm on Aug 4, 2011 by C. Custer

MMOs may be popular among Chinese youth, but they generally have a rough go of it in the press. Gaming addiction sometimes has horrifying (and high-profile) consequences — like, say, a couple selling ...

Da Vinci's Singaporean founder in hot soup

11:36 am on Jul 14, 2011 by Terence Lee

First came damning reports by Chinese broadcaster CCTV that luxury furniture retailer Da Vinci manufactured their ‘imported’ Italian goods in China, sent them to Italy, and then brought them back agai...