Google Lost Search Share to Yahoo!

1:55 pm on Aug 16, 2009 by Sarah Chong |  0

So what has the new homepage and Bing deal done for Yahoo so far? A growth surge in search share perhaps. All searches increased by 5% in July but while all maj...

Google Shift Ads To The Left

2:30 pm on Aug 12, 2009 by Willis Wee |  0

Google has recently reinvented Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” lyrics. Here it goes: “To the left, To the left, Everything they paid are shifting to the left On the l...

CodeAndroid Singapore 4th Meetup

9:27 am on Aug 7, 2009 by SGE |  0

The 4th CodeAndroid meetup which will be held in Google Singapore, 35th floor of Temasek Tower, 8 Shenton Way on 29 August 2009 from 11:00am - 1:15pm.

What is AdSense?

9:00 am on Aug 7, 2009 by Willis Wee |  0

If you own a website and comply with its program policies and eligibility criteria, Google AdSense could help you earn some advertising revenue. To put it simpl...

5 Google Docs Surprises

10:00 pm on Aug 1, 2009 by Willis Wee |  0

This is the 4th post of Penn Olson’s Google Docs Series. If you know it, use it and love it, please send this post to your friends and help them get started! Go...