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Top Entrepreneurs of the Last Century

12:32 am on Apr 4, 2011 by Willis Wee

Focus.com has shared with us 20 top entrepreneurs in the last century through a nice graphic. The list includes Apple’s Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Walmart’s Sam Walton and Ford’s Henry Ford. ...

Taiwan’s Tech Start-ups and Culture

11:27 am on Mar 4, 2011 by Willis Wee

When we talked about Asia and Chinese Internet start-ups, we definitely cannot miss Taiwan. If you haven’t already known, renown tech brands like HTC, BenQ and Asus all originated from the country. I ...

Why I want to be an Entrepreneur?

10:27 am on Jan 13, 2011 by Willis Wee

Let’s face it. It’s cool but tough to be an entrepreneur. Jeffrey Paine previously shared with us that entrepreneurship is not about making money because you can do that better at a job and reach home...

Creating Start-up Success 101

11:00 pm on Nov 24, 2010 by Willis Wee

In this set of slides, author Alexander Osterwalder brings us through a start-up story of  an Ivy league student (named Mike) who has years of corporate experience under his belt. He has impressive cr...

What is a Lean Start-up?

11:00 pm on Nov 22, 2010 by Willis Wee

In a sentence, ‘lean’ is a set of processes that minimizes the amount of time wasted on products that nobody wants. Resources are usually wasted because most start-ups make invalidated decisions based...

Who are the Entrepreneurs? [INFOGRAPHIC]

11:00 pm on Nov 6, 2010 by Willis Wee

Here are some interesting statistics on entrepreneurs. According to Contactme, 40 is the average age for startup founders. 70% of them have worked at other companies before starting up. Most entrepren...

Are Entrepreneurs Happy?

10:45 pm on Oct 16, 2010 by Willis Wee

Let’s face it. Many of us want to be entrepreneurs but lack the guts to do so. It isn’t for the soft hearts. However, for those who go against the odds and succeed are usually happier. At least when c...

The Rise Of An Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]

9:15 am on Jul 14, 2010 by Willis Wee

Many of us dream to be an entrepreneur but hardly have the guts to start laying the first brick. Without breaking our comfort zone, great things just don’t come by so easily. Entrepreneurship is about...